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There should be a photo gallery here, but it requires both the Flash Player plugin and a web browser with JavaScript enabled.


Photo Gallery (Alpha Version)

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With every browser update, the archived version of my photo galleries becomes ever more unmaintained, so I've decided to publish my new photo section (*alpha!*), even though it is still very much incomplete.  I have about three-fourths of the albums migrated, the other quarter still to migrate, tag, and comment.

I havn't finished the process of hacking around Internet Explorer's dain bramaged Trident rendering engine yet, so resizing the browser window in IE isn't quite right yet.  While trying to please IE, I have apparently broken things for Konquerer, but I'll get that fixed.  Also, Opera on Linux 86_64 is far slower than all other browsers (even Opera on Windows), at least on my box.

There is currently the flash-based SlideShowPro gallery version (permalinks currently broken), though I am also have a non-flash Lightbox version for those who can't or won't use flash (as well as to facilitate me posting these photos in forums).  If you are not on a high-bandwidth connection, you should probably just navigate away now, as each photo is several mebibytes.

As this is still in active developement, expect weird things to happen as I hack on it.  College started again on September 21st, so progress has slowed down quite a bit.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 September 2010 10:49 )

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