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Joomla! Creative Commons Tagging Plugin

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I've decided to finally publish the plugin I wrote that tags my articles with a Creative Commons license.

Simply add a tag like {cc-gpl-3} to an article to tag it as GNU GPL version 3. Available tags are:

  • cc-by
  • cc-by-sa
  • cc-by-nd
  • cc-by-nc
  • cc-by-nc-sa
  • cc-by-nc-nd
  • cc-pd
  • cc-gpl-2
  • cc-gpl-3
  • cc-lgpl
  • cc-bsd
  • cc-reserved

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Linux: Wrapper to Copy Files from STDIN

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There are times you want to copy a selection of files, potentially from various directories, into a single directory.  As you may be aware, the GNU copy command, `cp', will not read a list of such files to be copied from STDIN.  The GNU `find' command can be used do this, if you want to filter by the info available from stat(1).  But what if you want to filter by other info?  In my case I want to filter by audio tags.

I wrote a script that traverses one of my music trees (either flac, mp3, or ogg), and filters the list of songs by artist, album, rating, or dance.  The script then writes the filtered list to STDOUT.  For example, a selection might be "all songs in flac format by George Strait that are rated a 6 or higher" or "all mp3 songs rated 6 or higher".  To copy this selection of songs to a single directory, I wrote a wrapper for the `cp' command.

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Joomla! Image Captioning

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The stock image captioning application in Joomla! 1.5, caption.js, modifies the DOM of the page in ways that are not standards-compliant.  The application inserts a <div> inside of a <p>, which obviously isn't permitted.  This leads to unpredictable page rendering, and outright chokes Konqueror 3.5.10.  Also, the existing application doesn't work for images inside of a hyperlink, which is downright silly, IMO.

I have rewritten caption.js to produce a valid structure using nested span tags.  This nesting also permits nice styling of captioned image borders.

I have tested this in the current versions of IE, FF, Safari, Konqueror, Opera, and Chrome.  I do not have access to any boxes still running IE 6, so I have not tested it on IE 6.  I'm not too concerned about supporting IE 6, especially as Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on IE 8.  That said, if you have access to IE 6, please let me know if the captioned images look acceptably close to how IE 7 or FF 3 renders them, so I can update this page.

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GeSHi Extreme

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In porting my website to Joomla!, I was rather disappointed in the state of Joomla!'s syntax highlighting.  I discovered the Geshi Plus plug-in, which allowed for use of an alternate tag style that makes it possible to use the syntax highlighter with a WYSIWYG editor.  While that was helpful, it didn't provide nearly enough power for my purposes.  So, having an itch, I scratched it. ;-)

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