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Home The News Computers Kubuntu 10.10: Hide Unwanted Session Types in KDM

Kubuntu 10.10: Hide Unwanted Session Types in KDM

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While I predominantly use KDE on Kubuntu 10.10, I like to have a couple of other lightweight desktop environments installed so that I have graphical options if anything happens to my KDE installation (as sometimes happens when upgrading KDE).

I installed WindowMaker and LXDE as my alternatives, however, doing so also added KDM session entries for Openbox and KDE/Openbox, and I'm not interested in those.

Removing those entires is relatively simple.  Open a root shell, open the files in a text editor (I like nano for simple jobs), then add the line "Hidden=true" to each of the files.

nano /usr/share/xsessions/openbox.desktop
nano /usr/share/xsessions/openbox-gnome.desktop
nano /usr/share/xsessions/openbox-kde.desktop


Last Updated ( Monday, 07 March 2011 02:07 )  


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