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MSM Continues to Lie About Quantity of Published Cables

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The mainstream media are continuing to lie about the number of leaked cables that Wikileaks has published, and also the manner (indiscriminate) of the so-called "dumping" of the cables. Glenn Greenwald over at Salon takes on Time and CNN about their apparently willful parroting of false information.  To be clear, Wikileaks has not dumped 250,000 cables.  They haven't even published one percent of them yet.  As of his writing, eleven days into the releases, they have released 1,269 cables out of 251,287 cables they have in their possession.  The cables they have released are largely the same ones that major newspapers have released, and they have redacted the released cables in the same manner as those major newspapers.  Hardly "indiscriminate dumping" of "thousands" (or hundreds of thousands) of cables.

If the media will lie, and boldly defend their lies, about such easy-to-prove facts, it makes one wonder what else they are lying about.  But don't take my word for it, check out the Cablegate page yourself to see how many have been published.  Oh, unless you work for the government--then you are forbidden from determining if the media is lying to you.

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